Gourmetsteel Classic


Gourmetsteel Classic


Your oven will be upgraded with our Gourmetsteel to provide heat similar to a wood-fired oven so you can get.

* Pizza with restaurant quality in 2 minutes
* Soft cakes & flatbread as in a bakery cottage in 1 minute
* Excellent also as a griddle on both the grill and induction hob

Our Gourmetsteel are made with ore from the ore fields around the arctic circle in northern Sweden formed into highconductive hotrolled steel. With the final steps hand-crafted with the highest quality.

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– Gourmetsteel Arctic Circle Cookware –

With our Gourmetsteel Classic in your normal home oven it will be able to generate similar heat as in a wood-fired oven. This gives you the opportunity to make pizza with restaurant quality in as little as 2 minutes. Are you going to bake thin bread/soft cakes etc. it will be as if your oven was a small bakery, 30–40 seconds per bread.

The reason why you can get such high heat is that you fully utilize the oven’s grill elements. You put the Gourmet steel high in the oven on a regular oven grill, set the maximum effect on the grill function. The gourmet steel absorbs the heat from grill elements and gets a surface temperature up to 400 degrees Celsius. It is therefore completely different from how a regular pizzastone, bakingstone and similar products works and used. And compared to stones the steel cannot crack so you do not have to worry about it breaking. it is also excellent to make great sourdough bread and other bread on the Gourmetsteel.

The Gourmetsteel can also be used outside on the grill, not only for pizza but also perform as a very good griddle. Because there is enough material you get a griddle that does not cool down the raw ingredients you put on it, which gives a tremendously good result when the food is roasted and not boiled.

All our Gourmetsteels are made of hot rolled steel from northern Sweden around the arctic cirle which is cut and finished in the hinterlands. We strive for local and sustainable, Gourmetsteel is entirely a Swedish product

Gourmetsteel Classic has a ground surface, is 37x33x1cm and weighs 9kg. This means that you have enough stored heat/energy to continually bake pizza and bread without a break. If you for example have a celebration, dinner gathering, a baking room evening or a children’s party, it is ideal.
Arrange a pizza evening instead of a taco evening, just fill small bowls with different toppings and everyone can make their favorite pizza quick and easy.

With the order you get a practical storage bag in fabric, information on care/maintenance, a pizza spade in wood and recipes for pizza dough, pizza sauce and soft cakes. You get a 10year warranty on a product that lasts for generations. We recommend two breads/pizzas spades to ease the cooking of pizza and flatbread. Then the best way to prepare a pizza is to place the baked pizza dough on the spade to then put on all the topping. With two spades you always have a new pizza/flatbread ready for the oven.

Gourmetsteel Classic is an affordable alternative for those who want the opportunity to cook pizza for big gathering or maybe a whole day with bread baking as in a bakery.


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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 37 × 33 × 1 cm
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