Gourmetsteel - Arctic Circle Cookware
Gourmetsteel Light


Gourmetsteel Light


Your oven will be upgraded with our Gourmetsteel to provide heat similar to a wood-fired oven so you can get.

* Pizza with restaurant quality in 2 minutes
* Soft cakes & flatbread as in a bakery cottage in 1 minute
* Excellent also as a griddle on both the grill and induction hob

Our Gourmetsteel are made with ore from the ore fields around the arctic circle in northern Sweden formed into highconductive hotrolled steel. With the final steps hand-crafted with the highest quality.

Pre-order yours today! email us on dubai@gourmetsteel.com

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 33 × 0.6 cm
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